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The Children’s Legacy Center is made possible by donations and public grants.

The work done at the Children’s Legacy Center would not be possible without support from our donors, for which we are so grateful. Nearly 85% of our operational expenses grant funded and reimbursement based, so donor dollars represent a minimum of five times their gift value. For example, if you gifted $100, we are able to utilize those funds multiple times, making that gift worth over $500 toward accomplishing the mission of the Children’s Legacy Center. We commit to wise financial stewardship and ensuring that we maximize the resources that are so generously given. Additionally, we pledge financially transparency, so should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Board of Directors determined a co-located facility was vital to the development of a truly collaborative model. This meant we would need to find a facility that could meet all of the needs of the Children’s Legacy Center and each of the participating agencies.


In 2017, the Children's Legacy Center hired a third-party company to perform a feasibility study to speak with prospective donors and community leaders regarding the potential success of a capital campaign. The CEO of that company told us that “in 30 years of doing feasibility studies, I have never seen a community so supportive of a project.” A total of 98% of the community said they felt a campaign in the amount of $3.5 to 5 million was possible.


We found a location that met all of our needs: centrally located (within a mile of everyone but Anderson Police Department), and exact current layout that suits our needs.


In May 2018, we hired a company to run our capital campaign for us. One of their most experienced fundraisers moved to Redding and we got to work! We prepared multiple subcommittees and scheduled follow up meetings for the pledge requests to occur.


Everyone in our community was profoundly impacted by the Carr Fire. Our part in that journey pales in comparison to so many. Simply, it is a part of our story that should be shared.

We were about 2 weeks away from the full launch of our pledge requests when the Carr Fire occurred. We immediately put our capital campaign on an indefinite hold in order to focus all efforts on the recovery of our community.

After the Carr Fire, despite plans to launch a capital campaign, we adjusted and made the commitment to prioritize state and federal funding over local philanthropic dollars. We felt it essential to prove the concept of the CLC prior to engaging the community in support. We were successful in our efforts, which allowed us to systematically build our organization and begin serving children impacted by abuse and exploitation.


In September 2018, we received a request for proposal (RFP) from the State of California for up to $11.5 million in funding to pilot a model for trafficked and at-risk youth. In November, we submitted a 300-page proposal for $9.9 million in funding. We came in second by a very small margin, of all statewide proposals. We were disappointed but also grateful our model was held in such high regard.


Nothing about this journey has been what we might have expected.  Yet we wouldn’t change a thing. We are profoundly grateful to the Lutz Family as well as an anonymous donor for leaping with us VERY early in our journey.  Without them, we absolutely would not have been able to overcome pausing our capital campaign.

We have worked diligently since that time to honor their leap of faith in the Children’s Legacy Center. Additionally, we are very grateful to have successfully applied for and received state and federal grants that allowed us to systematically build our organization.



Children's Legacy Center Impact Reports

As we continue to look ahead, we recognize the challenges we have faced along the way and help we need for the ones we anticipate in the future. Despite this, we are incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished.

The Children’s Legacy Center was founded in 2016 with the vision of establishing collaborative relationships that ensure every child who experiences trauma feels supported, known, and cherished. Since then, that vision has grown, but it remains the core of every step we take. Our Impact Reports trace the story of the Children’s Legacy Center and anticipates the support we will need to continue our mission.

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