We’re hiring! Come join our fast-growing team dedicated to piloting change in Shasta County, Northern California and beyond.

There is a rare gift found when one is a part of something that is far bigger than oneself.  Doing so while being surrounded by a team of passionate, brilliant, kind and fun individuals makes the hard days better and the good days a dream.  At the Children’s Legacy Center, we believe in making an investment in the health of our organization, staff and culture.  We recognize the incredible importance of failing forward and the ever-evolving journey of discovering a better way for children and youth who have experienced trauma, abuse or exploitation.

As we look to expand our team we are looking for committed, humble, strategic, passionate individuals who possess integrity in all areas.  We are grateful for the stability of our organization allowing us to expand our staff and therefore our impact.  Our pilot model for exploited children and youth has gained state-wide attention for its collaboration and innovation.  We have received overwhelmingly supportive feedback from over 20 counties in Northern California who are excited to partner with us. We remain committed to our staff and our community as we continue to serve both with dedication and excellence.

Legacy is in our name because it truly means something to us.  With the incredible collaboration of our partners, we accomplished our first goal of reducing the trauma children experience during the prosecutorial process.  It is now our focus to bring healing to the children we serve while also innovating the next step of our organization: discovering evidence-based practices for exploited children and youth.  This is who we are, our legacy is found in the children and youth we serve and in our dedication to  discover effective healing modalities that can be used in our community, across our state and around the world.

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