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Providing Hope & Healing to Northern California Children

Say hello to a new way to foster.

Children’s Legacy Center Foster Family Agency is the only agency in Northern California to provide a 360-degree supportive solution to our resource parents, meaning families are never truly “alone” in their foster journey.

We apply a foster care model that nurtures an extended family community network. This full-support approach provides an extended network and resources for those considering fostering at-risk youth to promote positive outcomes for the family as much as for the child.

The Children's Legacy Center Foster Family Agency enables Californians to foster children of all ages, regardless of the sponsor's sexual orientation or household structure. This agency is unique in that it serves the northern 25 California Counties, including Shasta County. If you live in any of the northern 25 counties, you are potentially eligible to foster through the Children's Legacy Center and take advantage of our unique model.

In 2022, the Children’s Legacy Center was established as a Foster Family Agency in order to facilitate the safe placement of children experiencing neglect or abuse. We embrace an innovative approach to foster care that encourages consistent and reliable support for both children and families as they navigate through the foster system.

Our Mission

We exist to ensure a safe, restorative environment is available for every foster child and youth in Northern California.

We envision a world in which every child and youth requiring out-of-home care can be immediately placed in a trauma-informed, well-equipped, and supported resource home in their community, fully prepared to meet their unique needs.  A world where resource families band together to support one another and bring healing to the children and youth of their communities.

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FFA Core Values


We strive to see every child and youth feels the influence of a safe, healthy, loving, and supportive family. We know that this effort makes our communities and our world better.


We believe that maintaining a healthy connection to a birth family and cultural heritage is a child/youth’s right. We believe that there is beauty and honor in recognizing and respecting one’s ethnic, racial, and gender identity, and we stand with the children/youth of our community to ensure this happens.


We built our organization on a foundation of integrity, trust, respect, and humility. We walk in truth and require the highest ethical standards for our staff and resource families.


We communicate with intentionality, honesty, and sensitivity to circumstances.  We believe that including the right people in the decision-making process and empowering them to use their voice is essential.  We value the courage to engage in hard conversations, being honest and forthright with all involved – children, youth, resource families, and professionals.


We are hopeful; we believe in the adaptability of the human brain, the resiliency of the human spirit, and the healing power of healthy relationships. Despite having experienced trauma, we believe children/youth can achieve healing, restoration, justice, and embrace a future that allows them to reach their ultimate potential.


We take pride in our responsiveness to our resource families and provide meaningful, accessible, tangible emotional and therapeutic support so they and the children/youth in their care can thrive.


We embrace and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness children/youth and their family, treating all families with honor, respect, and love, knowing strength and beauty are found in our differences.

The Mockingbird Model

The Mockingbird Model is an innovative foster-care model that offers practical solutions to common problems that arise within the standard foster care system. Designed to provide support for families and children within a larger community network, in 2020 the Children’s Legacy Center partnered with the Mockingbird Society to fold the Mockingbird Model into our pilot.

At the center of the Mockingbird Model is the MCF Constellation. In each MCF Constellation, six to ten families live near a central, licensed foster care family known as the Hub Home. The Hub Home provides support for families navigating the foster system, and the families part of the MCF Constellation function as an extended family that shares peer support, social activities, and crisis respite. Ultimately, the goal of the Mockingbird Model is keeping families together and reducing the number of children in the foster care system.

For more information, see The Mockingbird Society.

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