Community Stakeholders Acknowledge Dr. Sean Dugan's Dedication to Forensic Medical Care for Local Children and Families

Community Stakeholders Acknowledge Dr. Sean Dugan's Dedication to Forensic Medical Care for Local Children and Families


REDDING, Calif.—Shasta Community Health Center (SCHC), the Children’s Legacy Center (CLC), and allied agencies extend their heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Sean Dugan for his nine years of outstanding service providing forensic medical care to the North State community. Dr. Dugan, a leading expert in the field of child abuse, has accepted the position of Medical Director at Alaska CARES, the largest hospital-based Children’s Advocacy Center in Alaska.

Dean Germano, CEO of SCHC, shared a poignant reflection on Dr. Dugan's journey, stating, “Dr. Dugan came to us in July of 2012 as a general pediatrician but was drawn to this forensic work in 2017 after seeing some troubling cases. He never looked back from there. His legacy of excellence will continue to inspire our community. His passion drove solutions where very little previously existed, and we wish him well on his next adventure.”

Kimberly Johnson, CEO of CLC, acknowledged Dr. Dugan's significant impact, stating, “As a founding member of the Children’s Legacy Center, his influence will be forever felt. We are deeply committed to building upon the foundation he has laid for forensic care in our community and beyond.”

Dr. Dugan served over 7,000 community members and provided 800forensic medical exams during his time at SCHC. His last day of service will be March 1st.

Community stakeholders, representing Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, Crime Victim’s Assistance, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Redding Police Department, Anderson Police Department, Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency, Mercy Medical Center, Shasta Regional Medical Center and Hill Country Community Clinic, Shasta Community Health Center, Children’s Legacy Center and One Safe Place issued the following statement:

Access to forensic medical care in Shasta County is a priority for each of our agencies and we are committed to interagency collaboration through our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), founded more than 20 years ago. Dr. Dugan has trained over 20 local examiners, and we have and will continue to leverage our collective support to ensure victims have access to trauma-informed forensic medical services. We are grateful to Dr. Dugan and SCHC for their investment in these essential services in our community.

A note from Dr. Dugan to the community: “I am deeply grateful for the honor of serving the North state community as a pediatrician and forensic medical examiner. Shasta and the surrounding counties will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you to all those who supported the vitally important work of the Children’s Legacy Center and Shasta Community Forensic Care Team. The entire community can take pride in knowing how many women and children were provided with medically sensitive, heartfelt treatment by trained professionals specializing in care for trauma survivors. It’s tremendously satisfying to know that such essential, quality care and treatment will continue to be a focus of Shasta County’s medical services for the entire North State community.”


If you or someone you know have been a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking, or elder abuse, please call one of the following numbers:


One Safe Place Crisis Hotline: 530-244-7233

Child Abuse Hotline: 530-255-5144

Elder Abuse Hotline: 530-225-5798

Community Stakeholders Acknowledge Dr. Sean Dugan's Dedication to Forensic Medical Care for Local Children and Families
January 30, 2024

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