Our Tagline

Revealing stories of hope and healing.

Our Mission

We exist to give hope, provide healing, and ensure justice for abused and neglected children within our community.

Our Vision

We have a vision for a community in which the power of collaborative relationships ensures that every child feels supported, known, and cherished by the individuals in their life and their community as a whole. A place where empowered advocates help ensure the legacy of the next generation, and, in turn, the children around us have access to the hope and healing they need to thrive.  


Core Values

The children are at the center of all we do and why the CLC exists.  They are our legacy and they are our future— the handprints in the cement of our society.

The foundation of our team is collaboration, integrity, respect, and excellence.

Our Center is a place of safety, peace, and hope for all who enter its doors.  

We believe that with a cornerstone based on community, the continued focus of our team, and the support of loving families, every child has a chance to become anything they desire.   

Our Family

At the Children’s Legacy Center, we have learned that family looks different for everyone.  We realize there is a spark of magic found in linking arms with a team of people who can find hope in the darkest night, joy despite the deepest tragedy, and bring a child laughter in the midst of his/her pain. This spark is one that can’t be seen from a stage or on a screen, yet it settles in the core of each person who experiences it. This is what makes us not just a team, but a family.  

Our CLC family is made up of the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, Shasta Health and Human Services, Redding Police Department, Anderson Police Department, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Victim Assistance, Shasta Community Health Center, and the CLC Staff.