Our Capital Campaign & “Our” Building


It all started when…

Our Board of Directors determined a co-located facility was vital to the development of a truly collaborative model. This meant we would need to find a facility that could meet all of the needs of the Legacy Center and each of the participating agencies.

Feasibility Study

We hired a 3rd party capital campaign company to interview a large number of prospective donors and influential leaders in our community. The CEO of that company said, “In 30 years of doing feasibility studies, I have never seen a community so supportive of a project.” 98% of the community said they felt a campaign in the amount of 3.5 to 5 million dollars was possible.

The building

We found a location that met all of our needs:

  • Centrally Located (within a mile of everyone but Anderson Police Dept)

  • Exact current layout that would suit our needs

  • Proper zoning & space to allow us to build a 6 bed Emergency Assessment Center

capital campaign

In May 2018 we signed contracts to hire the company to run our capital campaign for us. One of their most experienced fundraisers moved to Redding and we got to work! We had prepared multiple subcommittees and scheduled follow up meetings for the pledge requests to occur.

The building owner graciously removed his property off the market in order to hold it for us.

carr fire

Everyone in our community was profoundly impacted by the Carr Fire. Our part in that journey pales in comparison to so many. Simply, it is a part of our story that should be shared.

We were about 2 weeks away from the full launch of our pledge requests when the Carr Fire occurred. We immediately put our capital campaign on an indefinite hold in order to focus all efforts on the recovery of our community.

Request for Proposal

In September 2018 we received a request for proposal from the State of California for up to 11.5 million dollars in funding to pilot a model for trafficked and at risk youth. In November we submitted a 300 page proposal for 9.9 million in funding.

We came in 2nd place of all statewide proposals. We were disappointed but also grateful our model was held in such high regard.

Resuming our campaign

We are now resuming our capital campaign in order to purchase our building! We have completed the appraisal, the elevations and the renderings of the building addition and have already purchased a large portion of our technology and even some office furnishings! We hope to be in our building by the end of the year.