Want to be a part of our team?!


PART-time forensic interviewer

Perhaps one of the most important components of our center! we are looking for someone who is experienced in working with abused children or adolescents. we want someone who works well on a team, has a desire to learn and understands the importance of self-care, given the difficult nature of the role itself.


*Coming SooN! - full time office manager

are you FLEXIBLE! the office manager in this start-up world will be our first administrative position. they will wear a lot of hats as we prepare to onboard our full admin team! receptionist, bookkeeper, assistant & one who helps correct our ceo’s terrible GRAMMAR to name a few of the hats in the early days. yet, if you stick it out with us… we are going to build something really rad!


*Coming SooN! - (two) full time Case managers

compassionate and focused with administrative excellence are the perfect combo for our case managers. you will be working directly with the sun by which we orbit around, our children, youth and thier non-offending family members.


*Coming a bit down the road! - clinical supervisor

basically you’re the boss over all of our clinical care staff. You will undoubtedly have an impressive resume, a passion for children and youth and know who you are as a leader. This position oversees all mental & behavioral health as well as our telemedicine. But wait… there’s more! ensuring positive outcomes both internally and with our community partner REFERRALS as well as helping with protocol development. it’s a big job, but we have no doubt, the perfect person is out there! is it you?!


*Coming a bit down the road! - therapist

a deep desire to help children heal amid immense trauma, a few important letters after you name and a desire to approach healing and restoration in a collaborative way. *licensed in the state of california is a requirement… as well as a few other things you can read about under “learn More”!


*Coming a bit down the road! - clinical social worker

A rather unique position that was the brilliant idea of our board member Children’s services Branch director, Dianna Wagner. while maintaining a small case load is a part of this role, the PRIMARY focus is ensuring there is no gaps in our ability to serve both dependent and nondependent youth. all of our services are at no charge and we must ensure that all aspects of our center are open to every child, youth & non-offending family.


*Coming a bit down the road! (eight) direct care staff

eight. yes, eight direct care staff are the incredible human beigns who will staff our “emergency ASSESSMENT center”. this role is one that will require strong, RESILIENT, integrous and compassionate individuals to staff our round-the-clock “strtp”. you are champions!


*Coming a bit down the road! (two) mental health rehabilitation specialists

Our mHRS’ will be a part of our clinical care team both within the main clc as well as the emergency ASSESSMENT center. you will be working both directly with youth, be a part of our mdt as well as give overall advisement to our clinical care. teamwork, leadership, detail orientated are all priority qualities in our MHRS’! We look forward to working with you!