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Children's Legacy Center for Resilience - Receptionist - Front Desk

General Job Description:  

The Front Desk Receptionist is a positive, friendly, and well-organized individual who enjoys working with children and teens and comfortable interacting with all ages. The Front Desk Receptionist will be the first face our clients and families see when they arrive and the last interaction as they leave. The Front Desk Receptionist will filter calls and texts and schedule Behavioral Health appointments for on-site and tele-health clinicians.

Tech savvy and HIPAA trained, the Front Desk Receptionist will maintain confidentiality with sensitive information regarding clients and families.  As an organization, the Children’s Legacy Counseling Center continues to build community and collaboration with a focused culture of humility, teachability, and growth. The Front Desk Receptionist is a vital element in establishing and maintaining this culture, providing a safe and welcoming environment for anyone who enters the Children’s Legacy Counseling Center.  

Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Welcomes clients, families, and caregivers to the Counseling Center by greeting them in person and on the telephone, answering inquiries or referring questions to other staff members.
  • Schedule appointments for Behavioral Health Clinicians (in-person and tele-health) 
  • Send appointment reminders, provide timely response to texts and emails, answering questions appropriately
  • Assists clients with insurance papers and billing questions.
  • Administer intake paperwork and data entry
  • Performs I&Os; checks vital signs and weight (tele-health only)
  • Manage facility room assignments
  • Administer surveys at the end of appointments as needed 
  • Provide support for families during appointments (interacting with children as they wait, offer refreshments, answering questions) 
  • Ability to adapt quickly in multi-tasked environment, staying levelheaded in tense situations
  • Maintain a tidy workspace at the front desk, receptions space, and staff training space
  • Participates in the medical office emergency routine when required. Summons ambulance or EMS or assists other staff members as needed.
  • Invest in team building, fostering healthy relationships with co-workers  
  • Follow protocols for front desk security, visitor management, and access control
  • Keep office supplies, toys, and books clean and orderly in each room
  • Maintain supplies inventory (general office supplies and staff kitchen supplies)
  • Operate facility multi-use machines

Position Requirements:  

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Associates Degree required
  • Familiar with Windows and iOS Operating Systems
  • People oriented, friendly, kind, and organized
  • Excellent communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Customer Service oriented
  • Proven experience in a Front Desk Reception and/or Customer Service Representative position
  • Love for and experience in working with children and teens
  • Proficient in English language
  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred

Who We Are:

The Children’s Legacy Center has been indevelopment for the last five years and is now fully established. Our workenvironment mirrors a start-up culture. Each member of our team joined with aspecific job description but we collaboratively work to develop and expand ourorganization. We value the health and wellbeing of our team members more sothan the average organization. The nature of this work is incredibly difficultso supporting each other is vital. In short, we’ve got each other’s backs. Westrive daily to create an inclusive environment in which all people feel safe,heard, and valued. The Children’s Legacy Center celebrates the culturaldifferences and similarities among all employees, volunteers, families we serve,and members of our partnering agencies.

Full Time Staff Eligible for Benefits Package


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