What is the Children’s Legacy Center (CLC)?

The Children’s Legacy Center is Shasta County’s model of a Children’s Advocacy Center. It the first step towards restoration, justice, and hope for a child who has been abused. It is Shasta County’s customized model of a Children’s Advocacy Center.

When will the CLC open?

We are already meeting as a multi-disciplinary team and doing collaborative case review!

We have a goal to be open in 2019!

Why is the CLC necessary?

Although there are many reasons, the simplest answer is the “system” simply should not play a role in re-traumatizing a child who has already suffered abuse or neglect. We must do better. The CLC will not only reduce child trauma, but CACs are also proven to increase the number of convictions for offenders and reduce the cost of child abuse on the community.  

Who does the CLC serve?

We will serve children, aged 17 and under, who have been:

  • Physically Abused

  • Sexually Assaulted

  • Trafficked

  • Severely Neglected

  • Witnessed a Violent Crime

While Shasta County is our focus, our facility will be available for use by surrounding counties.  

Are clients charged for services?

No, never.  

Where will you be located?

We have found our dream property and although we aren’t listing the address just yet, we can happily say we will be super close to our friends at the Redding Police Department!

Are there similar centers in our area?

No.  The closest Children’s Advocacy Center is in Sacramento or Humboldt County.

 What type of services will the center provide for the children who come?

A highly skilled team comprised of a police detective, deputy district attorney, Child Protective Services caseworker, forensic interviewer, therapist, and physician manage each child’s case.  This team works together to investigate allegations of child abuse and to protect the child.  Forensic Interviews will be conducted in one of our two interview rooms designed with the child’s comfort in mind one interview room for older children and the other for the little ones.  The protocols in place call for a minimal number of interviews and proper evidence collection with an unbiased, non-suggestive, non-leading interview procedure.  

Necessary medical exams will be conducted in our non-acute medical exam room by a pediatrician who specializes in using child sensitive procedures.   

The priority is the restoration of the child and as such our team will include recreational and traditional therapists, advocates and case managers as well.

How are children referred to the CLC team?

Children will be referred by either Child Protective Services or Law Enforcement.  Other mandated reporters (such as educators and medical professionals) will contact CPS or LE, who would then bring us in.

What if I suspect my child (or a child I know) is being abused?

If you suspect child abuse, please call 911 and/or call your county's child abuse line.

  • Shasta: 530.225.5144

  • Lassen: 530.251.2661

  • Butte: 1.800.400.0902

  • Tehema: 1.800.323.7711

  • Trinity: 530.623.1314  

  • Siskiyou: Business Hours - 530.841.4200 / After Hours - 530.842.7009

  • Modoc: 866.233.4424

  • Plumas: 1.800.242.3338

What is a Forensic Interview?

A forensic interview is a structured conversation with a child intended to elicit detailed information about a possible event(s) that the child may have experienced or witnessed. The purposes of a forensic interview are:

1.    To obtain information from a child that may be helpful in a criminal investigation;

2.    To assess the safety of the child’s living arrangements;

3.    To obtain information that will either corroborate or refute allegations or suspicions of abuse and neglect;

4.    To assess the need for medical treatment and psychological care.

What is a Multidisciplinary Team?

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) is a group of professionals who are members of different disciplines (such as a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, physician, advocate), each providing specific services to the patient.  The team members each see the case from a different angle and their collaboration around the table is nothing short of powerful and effective.

How can I get involved with the CLC?  

Click here to see how you can get involved!